Playing FTSE author, Penelope Jacobs talks about balancing work and family

‘We may not be able to have it all, but we are at least free to make choices.’

Penelope Jacobs talks to Laura at Novel Kicks about Playing FTSE

‘Achieving a work-life balance is not always possible and certainly requires sacrifices.
Marriage and, more specifically, babies seem to be the tipping point, when life can sometimes spiral out of control….

‘In my opinion, it is not possible to “have it all” and at the same time seamlessly achieve a wonderful work-life balance. Every woman I know has made some type of sacrifice which, by definition, means they do not have it all. At one extreme, some high-powered women consciously choose not to have children and, at the other, an enormous number leave their brilliant careers permanently to raise a family. In both cases, the costs are high….’

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